to represent in a physical form; to incarnate or personify
ORIGIN mid 16th cent: from em- + body , on the pattern of Latin incorporare.
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12th-Jul-2013 12:30 pm - Sticky Post
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My icon comm is [community profile] fruitsclipper.
23rd-Dec-2015 09:46 am - jojo teasip emotes
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because eyes of heaven is a treasure, god bless the araki approved fanfic

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Here is the list of heights of the "main cast" of the Ace Attorney games. I say main cast, more like the more notable of the lawyers, prosecutors, antagonists, assistants, police etc. Essentially people who you'd more likely find in a RP game than not. Complete edition is here

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Here is the complete list of heights that I have compiled. All information is from the Ace Attorney wikia because Court-Records refused to load for me for ages. Heights are given in cm because that's what most official sources have them in. These don't take into account hair/hats/heels. Abridged edition here.

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13th-May-2015 09:23 pm - Catherine questions and answers
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for personal reference

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- the present king of france is bald
- l'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle
- 君という花
- the guild tablet design on "Tablet of the Guilds"
- a dragon round my right arm like ral zarek
- in the land of the blind be king / in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king / in regione caecorum rex est luscus
- in the land of the blind the one eyed woman is queen / in regione caecorum regina est lusca
8th-Dec-2014 10:35 pm - lovelive stage discography
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Individual song uploads based on their appearance in the game LoveLive! School Idol Festival. Song information based on what's available on the LoveLive SIF wiki and various other sources. View THE CHANGELOG to see what's been moved around and added.

If you haven't spent any money on Loveca/Love Stones yet, please consider supporting the LoveLive! project by buying a CD or character goods. YesAsia / CDJapan / AmiAmi

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2nd-May-2013 01:23 am - hey cal
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I gave Cal a birthday greeting which had a joke about linguistics.
I gave to Cal a joke about linguistics which was her birthday greeting.
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Not just for the first Dangan Ronpa, but the second and Zero as well. This list is mostly for my own personal reference so if you don't want to read it then don't. This is a list of all known Super High School Level titles revealed by Spike Chunsoft in the Dangan Ronpa series. Some people share titles and some titles are really fucking hard to translate. For the most part this list takes orenronen's translations from his Let's Play of both Dangan Ronpa games and I've just compiled it here.

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